About us
Softweather games is a team of developers, designers , testers, analysts and so on. We have been developing games in various categories for over 3 years: platformers, shooters , actions , adventures , battle arena , simulators , puzzles and others. We also publish games on various platforms such as Google Play, App Store, Steam , etc.
  • Vadim
  • Artem
    Senior backend developer & CIO
  • Alex
    Project manager
  • Rita
    UX/UI / 2D / 3D / motion designer
  • Nastya
    UX/UI designer
  • Kolya
  • Lesha
    Android developer
  • Liza
    System analyst / business analyst
  • Alina
    Office manager
  • Ann
    SMM / marketing
  • Alexandra
    2D illustrator
Everybody loves games since childhood. It starts as educational books and cubes, then to hide and seek in the yard or shooters; where a stick serves as a pistol, then you download your first game on a computer and BOOM!
A new world, new characters, different levels, unusual bonuses and completely different rules of life . It is for these little things that a new world is created;that we love to implement non-standard ideas, make dreams come true and just create games.
We are creating games right now. It's time to join!
We are creating games right now. It's time to join!
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